We offer full construction and remodeling services in the Northern California Bay Area.  We work with the most talented builders, engineers, and designers to deliver unrivaled building solutions. Our reputation for innovative design is matched by on time and on budget delivery, as well as by our accessibility and professionalism throughout the project. Full time on site project management makes the process stress free for you.

Our remodeling services include room renovations, additions, and remodels, both internal and external.  We aim to help you create your dream space by providing a complete range of services which include bathroom, kitchen, living room, roofing,  creating and building a stylish new fireplace.  Imagine a peaceful newly tiled shower with modern fixtures, a shampoo niche and a convenient bench. Newly designed and installed windows, along with new countertops, vanity, and sink installations are available. We offer full electrical services, including bringing your home up to code, and installing modern recessed lights. Our plumbing contractors will ensure that your home meets all modern industry standards. We can also build a calm and inviting pergola which will give you a calm and tranquil place from which to enjoy your newly landscaped backyard.

Lemon Remodeling and Services provides a comprehensive range of services. We look forward to assisting you in creating your dream home!


We work with highly skilled professionals in various construction trades whose work will ensure that your property is up to code and meets all current industry standards.  You will have great peace of mind knowing that everything in your home is operating at the highest recommended safety levels. This will allow you to enjoy your remodel for years to come.

We have plumbers, electricians, painters, flooring and tiling installers on staff. We are able to update your HVAC system as well as provide you with a modern updated fireplace. We can also upgrade your home with double pane windows and doors which will greatly improve your insulation and make your home energy efficient.  

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