Retrofit and Foundation

Retrofit and Foundation

Your house is being retrofitted to be stronger before the next earthquake.

Lemon Remodeling and Services is FEMA and EBB certified.

We can help you protect your home from earthquake damage with the following services:

  • foundation repair
  • foundation replacement
  • foundation leveling
  • earthquake retrofitting
  • seismic retrofitting
  • slab replacement
  • pier and post support systems.

Earthquake retrofitting involves reinforcing your house at key points in the foundation. Using specially engineered hardware, it’s a process that provides your house with seismic protection, ensuring your home and your family are safe during an earthquake. Securing your home to the foundation with a retrofit significantly increases your safety, and your home’s safety. Retrofitting is relatively inexpensive, is quick and easy to do, and will reduce your insurance premiums, saving you money over time.

Signs of foundation problems:

  • Cracked or uneven floors
  • Visible cracks in the foundation
  • Building windows or doors that does not close properly
  • Cracked walls (inside or out)
  • The gap around windows, doors or garage
  • The separation between the ceiling walls or floor
  • Displace or cracked moldings

What causes foundation problems?

Foundation property that requires foundation repair can be caused by lack of proper maintenance around foundations, building on expansive clay, or compressible fill soils. Also, aging buildings are more susceptible to foundation problems especially the semi-arid southern region of the United States such as Texas, Houston and Dallas.

However, foundation problems can destroy the value of a building and render them unsafe. If you notice any signs of foundation changes, do not hesitate in getting the problem solved.

Basics of Repairing Foundations

The physical damage to your building’s or home foundation can create a serious problem for you in the future. When the foundation shows severe damage, it is not safe to have guests or residents inside. Apart from that, if your home has a damaged foundation, it will be difficult for you to sell the property. Also, there can be a significant decrease in value.

Retrofit Foundation Crawl Space

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